Friday, 29 August 2014

Please note this blog is no longer updated

This blog is no longer updated - but you can find all you need to know about She Writes - now held monthly as part of Roundabout Nights at the Alexandra Hotel in Chatham on this link.

Roundabout nights flier

Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas break

She Writes will be taking  a break over the New Year, but watch this space for further news in 2013!

Thanks to all our supporters, audiences and casts - who you can find out more about on the 17Percent blog.

She Writes presents 'Passions'

Here are some images from our Passions themed night of short plays on 5 December. We will be adding links to the plays on youtube shortly.

Nigel Banks and Sadie Hurley in 'Fish on a plate' by Maggie Drury
Maggie Drury's short play 'Fish on a plate' was about a very strange couple - one whose passion is words and the other whose passion is glass!

Amy Flight in 'Such a nice girl, by Melissa Keighley
'Such a nice girl' by Melissa Keighley told a dark tale of a woman whose desire to have her own space leads to murder.

Sadie Hurley and Nigel Banks in 'Nigel the dark destroyer' by Sarah Davies
Sarah Davies' 'Nigel the dark destroyer' told the hilarious tale of a goat who could well be possessed by Satan...
Amy Flight and Sadie Hurley in 'The Star and the Painted Snipe' by Sam Hall
'The Star and the Painted Snipe' by Sam Hall is the first stage of a play about Aphra Behn. It will be developed into a longer piece.

Sarah Davies and Sadie Hurley in 'Cascade of baubles' by Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman
 Whoop'n'wail (Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman) gave us a really dark story of domestic abuse with an intriguing reverse structure 'Cascade of Baubles'.

Sarah Davies, Amy Flight and Sadie Hurley in 'Slainte' by SM Jenkin
'Slainte' by SM Jenkin told the story of the 'new agey-est' of  new age therapists and a very stressed out client.

Friday, 12 October 2012

She Writes December 2012

She Writes poster December 2012

She Writes in December is all about our passions and obsessions! We're really looking forward to seeing into our writers' psyches!

As it's the last She Writes before Christmas we will also be hosting a poetry open mic - open to both men and women.

You will have a 5 minute slot and we ask that you read a maximum of 3 poems on the topic of your passions/obsessions during this time (depending on how many open mic-ers attend your slot might be shorter.)

She Writes - Passions
5 December 2012
7pm for a 7.30pm start
The Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable
£5 or £4 concessions

Friday, 31 August 2012

'Passions' - 5 December 2012

We have confirmed a slot in December for an event themed around 'Passions'. The deadline is not till 31 October - so you have a while to get inspired.

What are you passionate about? What is your obsession? Maybe the popularity of Mr Grey has made you see red. Perhaps caravans are the things that you most adore. Maybe you are a secret philatelist...
Please feel free to interpret the theme very broadly.

Due to time constraints we can only accept plays of a maximum 8 minutes, as we want to be able to showcase as many plays as possible. To see some guidelines on submitting your work and what to expect if your play is chosen have a look here.

'What is art?' - 12 September 2012

We are happy to announce that we have a brilliant variety of short plays to provoke and please, on 12 September.

The theme is 'What is art?'. We chose this theme as the event is happening during the Whitstable Biennale; a time when a creative part of Kent gets even more creative.

We will be presenting:
Joined at the Hip by Sally Whyte
Drawing A Blank by Sioned Jones
Graf by Sam Hall
My Bloody Laundrette by Deborah Klayman and Ali Kemp
The Arrangement by Maggie Drury
Pink Lady by Tracy Harris
Who Knows Art? by Karen Bartholemew

This show will mark a year of She Writes and take the total number of plays performed to 41 and the number of playwrights we have showcased to 31!

Join us and help celebrate a year of showcasing women's plays.

(And check out our She Writes bunting!!!)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Almost a year of She Writes!

We have been running She Writes nights for almost a year now, in fact with our September show it will be a year, so here's a little summary of what we have achieved with the showcase.

She Writes showcase nights are a fun, relaxed way to spend an evening and watch some work by women writers. They are held in the informal setting of the Horsebridge Centre’s bar-cafe. They are held on a roughly 2-monthly schedule.

Since the showcase started in October 2011, we have showcased an incredible 34 short plays from 26 different writers. We were also invited to take She Writes to Lounge on the Farm, so took a show written by some of our Kent writers to this festival. UK-based women writers are invited to submit plays on a loose theme to each event and we have showcased a real range of styles and topics.

The next show at The Horsebridge Centre is on 12 September, and is part of Whitstable’s Biennale Satellite. The topic we asked for submissions on was ‘What is art?’ and we have a really good selection of answers to this. Come along and celebrate as we take the total of plays by women that we’ve showcased to over 40!